OASIdehor® PRIVÉ partitions have been designed and manufactured to solve delimitation problems of those indoor and outdoor areas where it is not possible to use either fixed, rigid structures or permanent traditional partitions.

They allow to immediatly create elegant outdoor private environments of public places.

OASIdehor® PRIVÉ can be assembled, placed and moved very easily, this advantage enables to immediately create environments meeting the current needs and without permissions of local authorities.

Technical data
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OASIdehor® PRIVÉ partitions, as well as delimiting the outdoor area in an elegant way, protect customers from vehicles circulating on the road and from passers-by, thus creating an intimate situation for your customers. Available in different colours blending in harmoniously with the style of the local place, they can be customized with logos, with decorations and together with the parasols enhancing the features of the public place and projecting the image of the business outdoors.


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