OASIdehor® Up&Down is made up of two modules.The mobile module can be easily raised and lowered, thanks to inclusion of patented system for opening and closing the terrace.With this system, there is no need for expensive and unattractive (fabric or transparent PVC) protection structures.

Only a leading company such as Star Progetti could design and produce the modular OASIdehor® UP&DOWN wind screen. Up&Down height can be modified according to needs, while providing full protection against bad weather conditions.

The weather may be favourable at certain times of the year − but its ‘mood’ can change very quickly, whether it’s to be stormy, or sunny but windy… or when there are marked temperature changes, especially during the evening or night.





Technical data
PDF, 905 Kb

Raising and lowering the modules is facilitated by a servoassisted telescopic device. (patented by Star Progetti)

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